Solid Dosage   Cartoning


A300 is a horizontal continuous motion cartoner with balcony construction It has been specially designed for medium and high speed packing lines. A300 has got multiple pushers to push the products into the carton in a very smooth way. It incorporates many new features like positive carton openings by rotary pick up arm to ensure the simple and positive carton transport.

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IC175C is an intermittent cartoning machine with a foot print similar to highly successful IC150C but can deliver higher outputs.Bar Code Readers , Pharma Code Readers , Inkjet printers, Hot Melt Glue unit etc. are available as optional features on the machine.

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IC150C is an intermittent motion cartoner with a very small footprint. IMA-PG has got experience in integration of this cartoner downstream to bottle labeling machine , Blister packing machines and tube filling machines. Machine can handle tuck in as well as hot melt glued cartons. Additional features like Pharma code readers , Bar code readers, Online leaflet folding units , Leaflet Presence Sensors , Inkjet printers are available as optional features.

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