We are the leaders in packaging solutions in India.

We believe that great workplaces are not merely list of employee program & benefits.

Great workplaces are built by magical moments which are defined in every day interactions of our managers and reinforced by our leaders and organizational work culture. At IMA-PG, we experience world connect, believe in nurturing talent, Recognize and award excellence and we do have a strong faith in building capability.

If you are looking out for an opportunity

  • that can leverage your potential
  • welcome your ideas
  • provide platform for your professional growth

Then, you are at right place Send your resume at hrd@imapg.com

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Experiencing Human connect

At IMA-PG, we provide equal opportunities to everyone without any bias. We believe in respecting everyone, valuing contrarian ideas and uphold the dignity of every individual.

Spread across 12 locations in India and catering to thousands of customers globally, we believe IMA-PG is microcosm of entire universe.

Experiencing Nurturing Talent

Growth of any organization depends on its acquisition of talent. At IMA-PG, we are determined to attract and retain best talent by providing platform for growth & enhancement.

Our endevor is not only providing job but also shaping individual’s destiny by providing meaningful career experience

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Experiencing Rewarding Excellence

IMA-PG believes in recognizing excellence in more ways than one. Apart from Performance Linked Incentives, IMA-PG has institutionalized Good Work Awards, Letters of Appreciation, and Financial Rewards, which are awarded on a regular basis.

Building Capability

Building capability of our employees is the key to career development and growth. We have well established processes to measure performance, develop capabilities and facilitate career advancement. Our view on capability is holistic and in line with career aspirations of the employee.

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